Farm Safety Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines before participating in any activities on our farm. Thank you, The Farmers’ Daughter

1) All visitors must check-in prior to picking strawberries or riding on a pumpkin ride.

2) This is a working farm. We have tried our best to make it safe for visitors. But, please be aware that we cannot control Mother Nature. Use sun block and protective clothing to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Utilize insect sprays for bees and mosquitoes.

3) No Smoking Allowed.

4) Parents must accompany their children at ALL times. Children must stay with their parents, while picking strawberries.

5) Please wash your hands before and after eating or using the bathroom, and prior to picking strawberries or handling produce.

6) Please stay in the row middle that you are assigned, while picking strawberries. Do not cross over the strawberry rows.

7) Please watch your step around the irrigation lines and step over them.

8) Please do not touch the black plastic mulch film that covers the rows.

9) Please stay out of the path of moving equipment and do not approach the farm equipment.

10) Please stay away from any containers or vessels used for storage.

11) Be aware that we are located on a busy road. Please do not allow children to play in front of our roadside stand.

12) Have fun, but use noggin!


Fresh Produce – Taylorsville NC