Subscription Sizes and Examples

We do our best to fill your share bags/boxes to the brim each week. The weight of the shares varies from about 8-lbs in the spring to over 20-lbs in the summer. The volume is equivalent to about 1 regular paper grocery sacks (for large shares). One large share generally satisfies the needs of two people with a vegetarian diet, or four people with a mixed diet (per week). Starting in 2017, our Large Share is our old Medium share, plus a little more.  Small shares are for smaller households or a good addition to your garden.

Here are some examples of subscription sizes and contents from a previous year:

Item Large Shares Small Shares
Cherry Tomatoes
Zucchini 2-lbs 2-lbs
Squash 1-lb 1-lb
Cucumbers 2-lbs 1-lb
Lima Beans 1.5-lbs 1-lb
Peaches 1.25-lbs 2-lbs
Ginger Gold Apples 2-lbs


Item  Large Shares Small Shares
Tomatoes 2-lbs 1.5-lbs
Eggplant 1-lb 1-lb
Cherry Tomatoes
Zucchini 0.5-lbs
Squash 0.5-lbs
Cucumbers 1-lb 0.5-lbs
Snap Green Beans 1.5-lbs
Jalapenos 0.5-lb 0.5-lbs
Bell Pepper 4-loose 2-loose
Apples 2-lbs 2-lbs

Fresh Produce – Taylorsville NC