Subscription Options and Pricing

Full-season Subscription: from May 18th –September 28th
  • 20-weeks of fresh spring/summer/fall vegetables and local fruit.
  • A $50 deposit is due upon sign-up. This will be credited toward your annual CSA subscription price.
  • The remainder of your subscription price will be due on April 1st, 2017.
    • $310 for Large (the old medium size + a little more) Shares
    • $170 for Small Shares
  • 1 vacation stop option:
    • You may skip one week during the growing season if you are going to be away.
    • The subscription price does not vary for the week skipped.
  • Donate your share option (unlimited times):
    • We know that you cannot always make it out to the pickup location during the designated pick-up time.
    • We can donate your share to a local food bank. That way, your investment doesn’t get wasted. You can use it to benefit others.

Egg Subscription: from May 18th – September 28th
  • 20 weeks of Farm Fresh, local eggs.
  • Eggs are from free-range, grass pastured hens. The hens are fed antibiotic- free and medication-free grains.
  • 20 shares available.
  • 1 dozen Farm Fresh Eggs/week/share
  • Total Egg Share price is $70/share and is due upon sign-up.

Strawberry Subscription: May Only
  • 4 weeks of fresh strawberries
  • Large Strawberry Shares will get 1 gallon/week.
  • Medium Strawberry Shares will get 2, 16-oz (1-lb) containers/week
  • Total Strawberry share price is:
    • $60 for Large Shares
    • $32 for Medium Shares
    • The Total Strawberry Share price will be due upon sign-up.

Fresh Produce – Taylorsville NC