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 Strawberries Anyone?

We have been growing strawberries since 2009. Our Strawberries are picked daily, from May to early June. We are our biggest critics on everything that we grow, when it comes to taste; but especially our strawberries. We grow three varieties of strawberries for you: 

Camerosa: This is a mid-season strawberry. It is deliciously sweet, when picked deep red. It is a very firm berry and therefore, good for desserts that display the berries. This is Jason’s favorite!

Chandler: This is a mid-season strawberry. It is super sweet and juicy. It is a small-medium berry and is softer than other varieties. It doesn’t get any better than eating it fresh out of the field. It is Amy’s favorite! This is our U-pick strawberry variety.

Albion: NEW to 2017! This is a day-neutral strawberry. It can produce longer than the other varieties. We have added it this year to hopefully extend our strawberry season into the fall. It is a firm and very sweet strawberry.



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