Good Agricultural Practices

The majority of our produce is grown on our farm in Taylorsville, NC. We are not an organic certified farm. However, we believe in being open and honest with our customers and building relationships that last; based on faith and trust. We use a mixture of both conventional and sustainable practices to produce the best tasting strawberries and mixed vegetables that we can!

We use only Non-genetically modified seeds and transplants for our crops. We utilize both synthetic (man-made) and  non-synthetic (natural) pesticides as part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program as needed: when a foliar disease or insect damages our crops to an unacceptable level. We spray about every 7-14 days during the peak of the summer season. We always observe the label recommendations for post spray harvesting. There are some crops, like lettuce, Swiss chard, and green beans that we do not spray much, if any; due to the post spray harvesting window being too long (It requires we wait too long to harvest, after we spray to harvest. So, we just opt to not spray Leafy Greens or spray very early with beans.) We are careful with the products that we use on our produce. Our biggest reason is that our family eats our produce too; probably more than most!

Starting in the 2016 season, we began moving toward becoming more sustainable. A couple of ways that we have done this by implementing the following: spring compost application and cover crops for building soil structure and nutrients.  We are always looking for new ways to improve our produce, while becoming more sustainable during the process.

Fresh Produce – Taylorsville NC