2014 is ushering in new choices for the your CSA shares!

You can prepare for the spring, summer, and fall by joining our 2014 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. 2014 is ushering in new choices for your CSA shares. “What is a CSA share anyway”, you might ask? A share is a portion of the weekly harvest from our farm.  CSA members get first dibs on lots of fresh vegetables and strawberries fresh from the farm. A certain percentage of our farm is designated for the CSA program and the remainder of our crops are dedicated to our roadside farm market. We grow a wide variety of spring, summer and fall crops, see our produce availability chart. Therefore, the CSA season begins in May and runs through the end of October.

This year, we are offering three sizes of CSA shares: small (NEW in 2014), medium (old half share), and large (old whole share). The descriptions and pricing options for each share are listed below:
Small Share ($10): 3-5 items per week. This is to help out folks that have shared a half share in the past or have single person households or some couples with small children.
Medium Share ($15): 5-8 items per week. This is for smaller households; say 2 adults and 2 older kids or 2 veggie lovers!
Large Share ($25): 8-12 items per week. This is for larger households or folks that want to preserve fresh veggies by canning or freezing.

What to expect:
CSA members will receive an e-mail early in the week, which will include a that week’s share order form and recipes.  For each share size, members will have the choice of a basic share or they can build-a-share. In building a share, there will be some items that are fixed, being included in each share. Then, there will also be some choices between items, such as: Large shares pick two of the following: 2-lbs of tomatoes, 1 bunch of lettuce, or two pounds of cucumbers.  After completing the order form, the results will be compiled to assist us with the harvesting for that week.  Choosing the basic share option will give you our traditional CSA experience, so you get to try things that you normally wouldn’t buy.  The build a share option gives you more of a “shopping” experience.
This year, we are throwing out the boxes! We will no longer be packing your shares for you, unless you choose the “premium share“ option; additional fees apply. CSA Members will be asked to bring a reusable shopping bag/box/basket with them each week to pick up their shares.  The items will be displayed in bins and clearly marked with quantity per share signs (not price signs). This area will be kept separate from our retail store, in a designated “CSA Members Only” area.  Each CSA member will then, use their order sheet to “shop” for their veggies. Someone will be there as much as possible to assist you; especially early in the season. A premium share is a prepackaged, pre-ordered share and available for pickup after hours, for an additional fee of $5/share/week.

Payment Information:
Unlike many traditional CSA programs, we do not ask for money up front; in order to apply. Payments are made on a monthly basis, on the first pickup day of the month. Check, debit, or cash is accepted; however cash is preferredThe pickup days are every Tuesday from May 6th thru October 28th. These start and end dates are subject to change, due to weather conditions; like a wet spring delaying our planting date two weeks.

SORRY, but the 2014 CSA Program is FULL! Please join our E-mail Newsletter, under the “Contact Us” page to get information sent to you for the 2015 season. 


Half Share May 17, 2012

Whole Share October 2nd, 2010